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Zaknafein by Green-Eyed-Leopardes
I decided to pay homage to one of my favorite charcters in R.A Savoltore's books of Drizzt Do'Urden. I have this strange attraction to tragic heros and torchured souls. I still feel he's one of the saddest loses in books. 

Zaknafein Do'Urden was an excellent warrior, the finest in Menzoberranzan,but most importantly, he was good beyond the ability of his kin. Noble, kind-hearted, and strong in his own way, he did his best to live by his principles, in a world where greed overcomes compassion and ambition overrules all. 

He was house weapons master of as House Do'Urden. He was also Drizzt Do'Urden's father, his mentor and his dearest friend. It was he who gave Drizzt the courage to leave Menzoberranzan and trained him to become an excellent warrior. Zaknafein also played a great part in shaping his personality, protecting his son from the truth of Menzoberranzan for as long as he could. He took his sons place as scarifice to a demon goddess in order for Drizzt to escape the evil place they lived.  
Elf Sisters by Green-Eyed-Leopardes
Elf Sisters
Zanaferiel and Tamuril Autumn Leaf  they are sisters. 

Zana is played by me and my friend plays Tamuril in our Saturday night D&D game. Here is a full body shot of Zana in here…
Zanaferiel Autumn Leaf by Green-Eyed-Leopardes
Zanaferiel Autumn Leaf

This is one of my D&D Characters that I play on Saturday night table top via Roll 20. I am having a lot of fun with her so I decided to draw her. 

Zanaferiel Autumn Leaf

120 years old

Alignment: Cho/Good

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blue Hair Silver Streaks

Weight/height:  100 lbs, 5’4’’”

She is lean with slight curves and her thick dark blue hair has silver streaks reaches down her back.

Adventurous, flirtatious, a bit naive, but extremely passionate and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. She is sweet and enduring as a kitten but she has a bit of a temper that can turn her into an angry tigress.  She has a lot of compassion and very opened minded for others and tries not to judge people to harshly. Combined with her wanderlust and her need to learn more of her abilities then her home could provide she began to go a bit stir crazy.  She yearned to go off to some of the bigger cities that had more extensive knowledge. 

Hometown: Shadowdale

She is the younger daughter of Laeroth and Auluua.   Her dad was a warrior and her mother was a healer. They were both counselors to the clan’s elders.  Her parents found out early that she had innate magical abilities. They surrounded her with the few magic users they had in their clan. Her father saw her as “his little princess” because of her free spirited innocence she was very much a Daddies girl. She also had a sister and her father was very protective of them both.  As her yearning to go to larger cities to study more magic grew, her father thought otherwise and insisted it wouldn’t be safe for her and she was to naïve to go.  As she matured she started to resent her father for holding her back. This often led to arguments and very loud debates. Even though some of their relationship was rocky as she fought for her independence she adored her father. He was a hero to her.  Her mother was more supportive of her ambition and often told Laeroth that he was being too protective.  She often consoled both her daughters (her sister also wanting to find her own path) that their father didn’t want to let go because he’d miss them dearly.


    One morning she had one of her very loud “debates” with her father about leaving. They shouted back and forth for quite a while until she ran off to the woods to let off steam by practicing her sorcery.    All of sudden she heard screams coming from her small elven village she saw her sister coming through the trees and grabbed her by the arm screaming “Drow  we must run”.  Despite all her years of wanting nothing more than to leave at this moment at this time all she wanted was to see her village again knowing it was probably distorted by Drow.  This isn’t how she wanted to leave. She didn’t want to leave her father after just having a fight that never got resolved.  All she could do was go and learn magic and coming back to find him.  Even though she was a sorceress she prayed to her Gods that she’d find her parents and make things right with him.  

    As she ran with her sister she is often conflicted about running back to try and find her father or go off and have adventures.  She is in constant turmoil about leaving the way she did and her last encounter with her father occasionally eats at her. She wants to find her own way but needs closure with her father. She often fights with anger and sadness.  She normally confides to her sister but she is too ashamed to go into detail about what happened with the and her father.  She just tells her sister she is worried about their parents and misses them.  The explanation seems to be good enough for her sister without having to dig farther.

For some reason the raid also wanted her to learn more about Drow. She wondered “are all of them really that evil? She often battles for lust of revenge to curiosity that is Drow. How can a kindred be so different from her culture?  


Social Status:

While Zana is friendly and social she often comes off flirtatious unintentionally.  While she has quite a few male friends many of the females look at her with loathing.  She can’t seem to understand why that is and often feels rejected by her own sex.   One particular elf Manfea MoonGlow sees her as compotation and often convinces the rest of the women in her clan to snob her.   She made it very difficult for her to move up the social later.

While she paled around with the guys one male Jal’ fein  Malina had a crush on her. He was about a century older than she.  They were best friends and quite close. He never was able to admit his adoration for her.  She personally didn’t believe someone like him who was a strong handsome Cleric/Warrior who could have had pretty much any female in the village would even think that of her, especially being that much older than she.  They talked for long hours dreaming about being gryphon riders and fight side by side.  He with his bow/sword and healing powers and her with her spells raining down havoc on the evil in the world.  She misses him dearly almost as much as her parents.

While there are a few Wizards in her village she is the only sorceress.   The wizards were able to help her tune into some of innate magic but she really needs a tutor more suited for her needs (another reason she wanted to leave). 

Deep in the the Claw Rift the mysterious masked Drow assassin tossed the head of Quenthel Baenre at Drizzt, Jarlaxle’s, and Catti-brie’s feet.

“Well that made our job easier”

Jarlaxle joked

“Who are you?

Drizzt’s asked in incredulous astonishment

The mystery Drow instead of answering with words took off his mask and hood; shook his long mane of white hair out of his face and looked up. Jarlaxle, who is normally hard to surprise and catch off guard, suddenly reeled back widen his eyes, and gasped.

“BY THE GODS it cannot be!”

Catti-Brie caught her husband as his knees grew weak.

Drizzt stuttered


The newly revealed assassin of the Matron Mother just smiled warmly and quipped boastfully
“Who else could get the job of killing a Drow Priestess done”

All three jaws dropped.

Catti-Brie looked up at her very much alive father in law

“Which God?”

She asked
The Masked Drow
What should happen

I wrote this little fan fic of the Drizzt storyline form R. A. Salvatore, to help curve my anticipation for the latest release "Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf" of the 20 plus years of this on going series.  If you aren't caught up with the story line I recommend doing so. Crap just got real! 

Anyway, I am a huge Zaknafein fan and wish he'd come back (though I doubt very much that it will happen). Anyway enjoy!
In a dark secede part of Menzoberranzan the newly a inducted young Master of Mele Megether sat at his comrade Jarlaxle’s newly acquired tavern slowly sipping wine created form Underdark mushrooms. He was mumbling to himself angrily while giving a scowl to his unusual friend behind the bar. Jarlaxle had worked very hard to obtain this property which on the surface just appeared to be a rundown tavern. It was actually secretly holding something more important in design for the young eccentric owner. His noble family shunned his existence but wouldn't out right dispose of him in fear of upsetting their Evil Goddess Lolth. They assumed he was marked by the Spider Queen herself since his birth sacrifice failed horribly. Ah but he knew better. They secretly put him through the famed fighters’ school and gave him some meager monetary assistance to keep him out of the house and “self employed” but not enough to raise suspicion. It was enough to buy this caravan whole in the wall. It suited him quite well he thought. Little did his mother realize that it would be the perfect way to keep his plans secret for the future.

“Why do you have such a disposition for one who just grabbed such highly prestigious position which gives you power and I dare say a bit more freedom just like you wanted? And at such a young age I might add”

The unusual but quite handsome Jarlaxle stated with his typical grin on his face.

“It’s not the being a teacher at the academy that vexes me. It’s the fact I will not stay as long as I hoped. I would be quite content just spending the rest of my awful existence there, where all I have to do is teach how to fight and go out and hunt the vicious monsters of the Underdark with my students. But no she keeps coming! That vile creature! Keeps visiting me ever sense graduation night when she choose………. Gaaaa. Curse that entrancing ceremony! ”
The handsome and well built Zaknafein said with a snarl
Jarlaxle sighed, pathetically looked at his friend and started to state

“The newly appointed Matron Malice I assume you referring too? You know my dear fellow graduate. I do attract the lovelies quite well but you my friend could honestly out do me in that department, as hard as it is for me to admit. You’d have to be scorched by dragon’s breath to get that attention off you. It doesn't help that you a commoner who graduated top of the class almost your entire way through the academy and brought curious eyes upon you. I don’t see why it is such a bad thing getting her attention. She is quite lovely and anyone would want her… ”


The agitated Zaknafein said in exasperation  

“I should have made sure she didn't enjoy it so much. Then she would have left me alone.”

“You mean she’d whip you to death with her whip if you didn't please her. Oh for the Love of Lolth enjoy it at least. Enjoy what you can in our pitiful male lives. As much as you hate her revel the physical pleasure to the same degree. At least she doesn't torture her play mates.”

Jarlaxle said with a wink.  

“I am grateful for that.” Zak chuckled “I never said I didn't enjoy it. I just dislike the fact it is with someone I hate. The one, the one who…….. gaaa forget it. Do you know what it’s like to bed with someone you hate?”

“My good dearest associate I do it regularly”

Jarlaxle boasted with a laud tone and mischievous grin.

“You have to separate the two it’s the only way to get along around here really. Though I dare say I am looking forward to purchasing my first set of female slaves to tend this counter sometime in the near future. They are planning a surface raid and I plan to get my first pick on a few. I here surface female are much kinder especially if you aren't vicious to them.”
“When has our kind been known to show mercy especially to slaves?” Zak asked with suspicion
Not wanting to give away all his secrets on how he collects his information. Jarlaxle just shrugged. He was currently slowly building up a network and didn't wish to divulge anything even to the only Drow he really trusted sitting right before him. While the young upstart enjoyed ciaos, intrigue and a good battle something about slavery and torture didn't sit well with him. Maybe because he lived so close to that line most of his life for the fact that males were nothing more than glorified slaves. On top of that he had run into a couple of human and elf female slaves and was quite curious that they didn't seem to fit the awful description they were often portrayed as. Despite his misgivings, he still had to act the part of a Drow appearing vicious and intimidating. Sure by purchasing a few surface slaves it would appear as such. In reality something else hit him. He wasn't sure what this emotion was but it would be considered what many on the surface would call pity. Someone was going to get the slaves and if it had to be someone why not someone less vile then the rest of his kin. He could at least spare one pretty things existence and his reputation for sexual play would fit right into that billet and no one would question. He would just have to teach them how to pretend to be consorts if they weren't willing to play the role 100%. He would never force such a role. Forcing anyone into that role seemed a pathetic act to him. If someone didn't want to give it away willingly you were weren't very good at it. Course if the female slaves were to willingly oblige then he wouldn't deny her the pleasure of his company.
“When did you shave your head? You look the fool”

Zak interrupted his friend’s contemplation.

“Just my harmless stab at conformity. Though we do look quite the odd pair of co-partners, I myself am lean and stylish with not a hair on my head and you with your long mane, unusual height and strong build. I guess that doesn't play well into us not wanting to attract attention.”

“Ha ha” Zak laughed “You always want attention! Don’t pretend otherwise.”

“I don’t wish to have all the attention all the time, hard to keep secrets and such.”

Jarlaxle retorted

Zak nodded his head in agreement. Then his face turned grim.

“I will have to be a silent partner unfortunately and I don’t know how long that will last. While I get a decent stiffen form the Academy to help support you. I fear that Malice wants me to be more permanent fixture in her house. Even though she apparently is already pregnant with her first daughter by the sire isn't that pleasing to her. She just wanted his seed because he had good blood lines. She made it clear to me she is looking for a new Patron within the next few decades once she’s studded this one dry. Ha nothing more than studs and grunts us males. Also she made mention of needing a new Weapons Master since the current one is older than all 3 of us put together”
Jarlaxle nodded

“It’s a good prospect friend. You will have honor and prestige. Your skills have moved you up in the world and I am not just talking with weapons. No worries friend I will appreciate whatever you can invest until your tenure is up at the Academy and when Malice is done with you I will have the doors of this establishment wide open for you”

Zak tilted his glass towards his friend

“Here is to freedom while it last and this fine tavern called Bergan D’Arthea
The Mercenary and The Weapons Master
All Characters belong to Wizards of the Coast and R. A. Salvatore 

This is a little back story of Zaknafein and Jaralxe form the Drizzt series. 

I still have moments when I get stressed, upset, feel lonely, and express anger but they only last for so long now. Instead of in mostly sorrow and depression with only moments of happiness I am now in reverse. I am healing form much of my life's turmoil. Many of you don't understand the battle I had over the years. Some of you may think "oh she hasn't had a bad life". Especially those who know me for most of it. I will tell you, you have no clue what went behind close doors or the playground cruelty that I still battle with today. I will leave it at that. For I no longer want to focus on that I want to focus on all the glory God gives!

Yes I will still have negative moments and negative thoughts. I mean gezz we do live in a fallen world. But I don't have to cling on to them!. I have learned to be in a general state of contentment. No it isn't because I am married (I still feel lonely at times), it isn't because I financially stable (I live with the constant reminder I could lose my job at any moment), and it isn't because I have a cat. It is because I learned a lot about me and still am. I am trying to build a relationship with God like I have never known. The last 2 years have been life changing but not in extreme way. I am experiencing a gentle subtle touch from Jesus not an emotional high moment found from some church alter call, retreat or revival. While they have there place once but when I left those venues I ended up still battling in my private corners of my mind. If I wasn't constantly going to one of those broken and needing "the holy spirit to fill me" I'd be right back were I was. I am not even sure what clicked but things are changing. Changing in the quite, serenity I never knew. I never understood, as all I knew was dramatic highs and lows. I didn't think calm or stillness was that great. I thought it was boring. Oh how wrong I was!

I am learning how wonderful the sweet calm blissfulness of the early morning. The sweet calm of a night time wind crashing the waves on the shore. The enjoyment of just "being" in his presences.



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