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After a heartfelt emotional reunion of hugs and tears Drizzt and his Father Zakenfein set out with the combination of the companions and Jarlaxle's allies to join the massive battle. The group gathers their various mounts and while Drizzt called upon Adar his magical unicorn mount, Zakenfein’s eyes popped out, jaw dropped then his expression quickly changes to stupefied and shakes his head in denial

“ YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! NO DRIZZT NO! are you a Drow or aren't you? He’s not horrible but a unicorn no way or I’m a surface elf with a sun tan.”

Drizzt started at his father at a loss and offended.
“I assure you he can be fierce in battle”.
"Son if you didn't have a wife I’d have to wonder about you. You have a unicorn Goddess and mount and carry a sword named twinkle.”

Drizzt glares at Zak
“Dear father what are you getting at?”

Zak chuckles
"What are you going do next my boy, put your hair pretty braids with bows?"

Drizzt on the verge of outburst challenges Zak in a sparing match to show his father he was still very much the worrier he trained all those years ago.

When the sparing match was over pretty much ending in a draw. Zak looks at Jarlaxle and says “this is your doing isn't it????!!!!!!!!!!!! And points towards the Unicorn.

The Mercenary shrugs and adjusts his eye patch
"My dear old friend, I ride a nightmare for Lolth sake. How could you blame me of that?"
Zak puts his hand on his old comrades shoulder and exclaims with a hearty chuckle “I have known you long enough to realize everything is your fault in one way or another”
Jarlaxle says with a sly smile "Would you like me to get you one too? That way father and son can match?"

Zak stares hard at his old friend

The eccentric dwarf Athrogate surely enjoying the whole scenario belts out "If a man loves the horn, he's suren to ride a unicorn! BWHAHAHAHAHA Snort !!!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAH

Everyone but Drizzt joins in on the laughter
Zaknafein's reaction to Drizzt's Unicorn

All Characters belong to Wizards of the Coast and R. A. Salvatore 

First off I want to stress I AM NOT A WRITER! I have never written fan fiction but I really wanted to record this scenario some of my friends and I made up. 

I am a huge fan of the D&D and played on and off much of my life. Last Spring I got hooked on to the Drizzt Dark Elf Novels and joined an awesome fan site on FB. We were discussing what would happen if Drizzt's father Zaknafein was brought back to life and to be reunited with him and of course like many conversations with the geeky fantasy lovers it can go to some odd, weird and hilarious places. Well we ended up playing off one another in regards to what would Zaknafein's reaction be to his son Drizzt's unicorn mount Adar. I had laughed so much with the banter that I decided to take some of teh content of that conversation and make a quick fan fic scene. 

It's a Good Life by Green-Eyed-Leopardes
It's a Good Life
This last summer until about two weeks ago I picked up and completed (well until March when the new book comes up) the entire 20 plus books for the Drizzt series. I even read the side books which included The Sell SWords. 

Needless to say my first fan art is of one of my Favorite characters in the series (other then Drizzt of course). I am normally a fan girl of good guys but there is something about Jarlaxle that just makes me smile. He really isn't evil though just miss understood. 

There are a million things I Don't like about this picture and I think I made him to shiny. Ahh well I think I might color it digitally later to clean it up.

I still have moments when I get stressed, upset, feel lonely, and express anger but they only last for so long now. Instead of in mostly sorrow and depression with only moments of happiness I am now in reverse. I am healing form much of my life's turmoil. Many of you don't understand the battle I had over the years. Some of you may think "oh she hasn't had a bad life". Especially those who know me for most of it. I will tell you, you have no clue what went behind close doors or the playground cruelty that I still battle with today. I will leave it at that. For I no longer want to focus on that I want to focus on all the glory God gives!

Yes I will still have negative moments and negative thoughts. I mean gezz we do live in a fallen world. But I don't have to cling on to them!. I have learned to be in a general state of contentment. No it isn't because I am married (I still feel lonely at times), it isn't because I financially stable (I live with the constant reminder I could lose my job at any moment), and it isn't because I have a cat. It is because I learned a lot about me and still am. I am trying to build a relationship with God like I have never known. The last 2 years have been life changing but not in extreme way. I am experiencing a gentle subtle touch from Jesus not an emotional high moment found from some church alter call, retreat or revival. While they have there place once but when I left those venues I ended up still battling in my private corners of my mind. If I wasn't constantly going to one of those broken and needing "the holy spirit to fill me" I'd be right back were I was. I am not even sure what clicked but things are changing. Changing in the quite, serenity I never knew. I never understood, as all I knew was dramatic highs and lows. I didn't think calm or stillness was that great. I thought it was boring. Oh how wrong I was!

I am learning how wonderful the sweet calm blissfulness of the early morning. The sweet calm of a night time wind crashing the waves on the shore. The enjoyment of just "being" in his presences.



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